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Calibration Gases

CK Special Gases can offer disposable gas cylinders for calibration of emissions monitoring equipment, gas detection systems or general research analysers requires accurate, reliable calibration gas from a responsive and knowledgeable supplier. CK Special Gases goal is to offer a prompt and efficient service, delivering high quality and high purity gas mixtures to the analytical sector.

A Flexible Approach to Calibration Gases

It is widely recognised that frequent calibration using gas mixtures is the best method of ensuring your analysis or detection system is free from drift and performs to the original manufacturer’s specifications. But calibration gases are typically subject to extended lead times when purchased in standard rented cylinder formats, sometimes in volumes that exceed your requirement and incur rental costs that can start to mount up if your usage does not match the volumes supplied – do you really want that large rented cylinder for a one-off research project?

CK Special Gases take a different view to the supply of calibration gas – one that gives you the right option for your requirements backed up by the best support and service in the industry. Our disposable cylinder range compliments our rented cylinder range, providing our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of options.

Refillable and Disposable Calibration Gas Offerings It starts with the package options; classic rented refillable cylinder options are available in a wide range of sizes, from the compact 1 and 2 litre models which are ideal for on-site work to the standard 10 litres, 20 litre and large 50 litre cylinders which offer ample gas capacity for automated measuring systems (AMS).

In addition to this, calibration gases are available in our cost-effective non-refillable (disposable) cylinder options, providing smaller quantities of gas without the ongoing rental costs for infrequent research demands or function checking of portable gas detectors – including quad gas mixtures for H2S/CO/Flammable/Oxygen depletion applications. Our application experts will be delighted to help you choose the best option for your demands.

Please feel free to download our brochure: Disposable Cylinders

Please feel free to download our brochure: Non-refillable Shelf Life Details

Please feel free to download our brochure: Non-refillable The Recycler

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Fixed Flow Regulators for Disposable Cylinders

Finally, these options are complemented by a range of gas control equipment, essential for the safe use of your gas. Typically our fixed flow regulators provide gas at 0.5 standard litres per minute, 1 standard litre per minute or 2 standard litres per minute.

Download our brochure on regulators for disposable cylinders: Non-refillable Gas Control Equipment

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